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  1. You First moving to a new provider agency

    28th July 2017

    This has been an incredibly busy and productive period for Resolving Chaos. We have just published the Local Evaluation for You First Team, the Fulfilling Lives Project in South London, where we established the team to deliver a personalised case work services to people with the highest level of multiple and complex needs.

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  2. You First service saves a third of costs and improves lives

    28th June 2017

    One in every £3 spent on services for people with multiple needs supported by You First has been saved as their outcomes improved.

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  3. Our service user experts lead equalities outreach discussion

    2nd March 2017

    Service user experts from all over England have come together to discuss how to improve outcomes for people with multiple needs.

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  4. Hertfordshire project shortlisted for prestigious award

    1st March 2017

    A Resolving Chaos-led project has made it to the last round of the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Awards.

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  5. A bostin’ trip to Brum!

    28th February 2017

    Birmingham’s Experts by Experience host the latest NECG Meeting

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  6. London leader writes newspaper column about You First visit

    1st February 2017

    London Assembly and Lambeth Council Member has written a column in Southwark News about her recent visit to the Resolving Chaos-led multiple needs programme in South London.

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  7. South London Press praises Resolving Chaos-led work

    16th January 2017

    Major regional newspaper the South London Press has praised the Resolving Chaos-led Fulfilling Lives Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Partnership supporting people with multiple needs.

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  8. Islington gains Resolving Chaos insights

    20th December 2016

    The London Borough of Islington has praised Resolving Chaos after the community interest company helped the council analyse how people with multiple needs were supported.

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  9. You First improves lives and cuts costs by 20%

    10th November 2016

    New figures show that You First support to previously chaotic crisis service-users is improving outcomes at less cost to the taxpayer.

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